Tuesday, December 22, 2020

In Tiers

This is my local park. It might seem a dull shot, but contains something quite exciting. We are in Tier 4. Full Lockdown. But the horizon, those trees, well, that is Tier 2. Freedom

I think I can make it there and back in day. In tier 4 I am permitted exercise, but once I'm over the border I could wander freely without restraint. I could even go into a pub for a substantial meal. 

The main issue is the border guards. Maybe I should take some high status goods; toilet roll, or dried pasta perhaps, in case I'm stopped.


Jane wembli said...
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Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Is this still true as of Wednesday afternoon?! Rapidly changing.

PS Good to see Jane wembli is fan of your blog too!

DorsetDipper said...

thanks Jono

I think Wed we are all one happy Tier 4. I'm not sure what this means - can I go into Essex for my exercise? Given my valley is now flooded I feel I can legitimately take my exercise elsewhere.

Birds of Indian Subcontinent said...

nice post