Thursday, September 11, 2008

Local migrants

A while ago I posted about finding the right field. Today I stopped at the field in the picture as there was a large flock of gulls.

I scanned the gulls, but could only see BHG's and a few LBBG's. As I was watching I could hear a Yellow Wagtail, and a passing falcon (a Kestrel, sadly not Graeme's Merlin) put a few up. I eventually located them on the ground, and as I got my eye in I could see more. By slowly scanning across and using the fine focus on the scope to scan back and forth I could pick up more birds. Totals were difficult as the birds were constantly on the move but minimum numbers were 3 Wheatear including a male, 20 Yellow Wagtails, and 20 Meadow Pipits. I think I heard a Golden Plover but there was no sight of it. The Yellow wagtails plumage was in just about every possible colour - Yellow, green, grey, even orange.

Elsewhere 10 Swallows through.

Afternoon update:

returned to the field after the rain had passed through. It was completely empty. I wonder if the presence of gulls in a field brins in other birds as the gulls act as guards against predators. Thsi was shown to be the case for wintering Lapwing/golden Plover flocks, so may be the same for other migrants.

stopped elsewhere on the top to the following effect:
c70 Collared Dove on wires at Trim's Green
5 Red-Legged Partridge at Morris's Farm
10 Swallows W over the big field
Wheatear 1 fem type on the metal fence by Blounts Farm
Hobby 1 over Mathams Wood

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