Sunday, July 31, 2016

Local Med Gull.

Gull flocks on freshly ploughed fields are always worth a look at this time of year. Several hundred gulls had gathered adjacent to the main Sawbo-Stortford A road so I went through them from a safe distance. They are always on the move as the tractor goes to and fro, and this lot spent quite a time over the horizon, all of which is just an excuse for saying I might have missed quite a lot.

Hundreds of Black-headed Gulls, lots of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls, low tens of Herring Gulls including a couple that generously dangled their legs in flight showing them to be Yellow-Legged Gulls. about 10 Common Gulls and one juvenile Mediterranean Gull.

Local birder Alan has some fantastic shots of juvenile Med Gull from Rye Meads on his blog. This may have been the same bird. My photos are inevitably nowhere near as good, but I like to think give a flavour of the reality of scanning through a distant flock. It is in focus - honest. It's just the heat haze giving it that blurred look.

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