Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Free Range Chicken

That's more like it Minsmere! The chicken Swamphen put on a decent show for about half an hour completely putting to bed any doubts about the authenticity of its origins. It is clearly a French bird. It's in the French national colours and walks arrogantly around looking ridiculous. It couldn't be more French if it wore a red beret at a jaunty angle and smoked a Gitanes. In fact, on close inspection, I think it was wearing a beret.

The Spotted Redshanks showed up en masse with one still in summer plumage. Lots of other waders - Ruff, Blackwit, Green and Common Sandpiper, Avocet, and 5 Little Gulls. Stone Curlew (adult plus juvenile) on the heath, and some spectacular butterflies on the buddleaia near the centre - about 20 Red Admirals, plus a brief visit from a Hummingbird Hawkmoth.

waiting for the show to start.

well-camouflaged Grayling.
Southern Hawker

Painted Lady

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