Thursday, August 18, 2016

Canvey Again

Canvey Wick again, and a much more successful visit than last time.

First up was a Brown-Banded Carder Bee (Bombus Humilis). Quite difficult to photograph in the breeze but I think you can make out on both photos the single brown band that runs across near the top of the abdomen. Otherwise a generally pale buff bee.

Then a number of Shrill Carder Bees (Bombus Sylvarum). These were quite small and showed a distinctive colour sequence: black band on the thorax between two white stripes, then a clear black band on the abdomen above a small but distinctive orange tail. Compare the photo below with this, clearly the same bee! Thrilled to encounter these two splendid bees.

Otherwise a Clouded Yellow flew strongly down the bee path, and there were plenty of Common Blues, and various commoner butterflies. 

finally a plump dark Adder slithered quickly off the path, no doubt disturbed by my heavy footfall. 

So, a fantastic selection of wildlife in a small yet spectacular reserve.

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