Saturday, June 04, 2016

Thames Estuary - What's that bird?

Out and about in the Thames Estuary last week - Vange, Wat Tyler, Bowers Marsh, seeing the usual kind of stuff for late may: Red Footed Falcon, Black Winged Stilt, Bearded Tit, Avocet, hobby, together with all the usual summer stuff. 

Then a bird singing from a hawthorn bush by a reedy ditch. It's a warbler, but which one? Its an unfamiliar song, kind of like a whitethroat but longer, more subdued, and with some bits and pieces in there - Linnet? I hung around for about half an hour trying to see it but it just stayed in the middle of the bushes. Something briefly flycatched, and then flew off to a more distant bush. small and brown. So, unsure, I trudged off to the Stilts.

Then a week later I'm taking some photos on my phone, and what's this? Then I remember - I'd tried to make a video of the bird song but was running out of juice, hadn't done it before etc etc. Anyway I  clicked on it, and there chuntering away is the bird. So, any thoughts as to what this is?


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