Monday, June 06, 2016

Some things that fly that aren't birds

Some insects noted on recent trips. In no particular order

A hoverfly that caught my eye in Hatfield Forest. I believe it is a form of Volucella Bombylans that is mimicking a Red-Tailed Bee, so called Batesian Mimicry which is where things that aren't dangerous mimic things that are dangerous to discourage predators.

Ashy Mining Bee. I was out on Otley Chevin and noticed these coming, appropriately enough, out of holes in the soil. Apologies for the lack of crop on this picture but it came from my phone and as such is resistant to any form of editing.

Brown Argus ?? Very hard to distinguish from Common blue female I understand, but my best guess is Brown Argus, seen at Sawbridgeworth Marsh.

Something small and blue fluttered past. Perhaps at last I might get a photo of a Common Blue? But when I looked where it had settled - no butterfly! Instead this. I've no idea what it is.

Lots of these around at the moment. Female Banded Demoiselle, taken with the Sigma Macro. Perhaps there is hope for my photographic skills yet.

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