Friday, June 10, 2016

Morden Bog

One of my favourite blogs is Dorset Diary by Aidan Brown. His fantastic knowledge of the natural world and top photographic skill come together in a blog that takes a corner of Dorset and turns it into an English Serengeti. So on my brief Dorset trip I went to Morden Bog mainly just to see the place from where so many great posts have come.

It was mid-afternoon mainly against the sun, and its a large area but nevertheless I saw Dartford Warbler food-carrying, Hobby, Kestrel and Buzzard  as well as more common birds such as StonechatMeadow Pipit, and Linnet. There was other wildlife with Sand Lizard and a few dragonflies.

There were a number of fat chasers over a small boggy area which proved quite hard to photograph. the best I could do is shown below, and I think from the book it is a female Four-Spotted Chaser due to the two-tone abdomen.

Whilst trying to photograph these I noticed a short strand of fine red filament drifting onto a grass stem. and here it is, I think a male Small Red Damselfly due to the red legs.

Finally, a shot of the heath to give an idea of this small piece of wilderness. Some great atmosphere in the summer heat.

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