Monday, June 13, 2016

Badbury Rings

Final stop, Badbury rings, an ancient hill fort. Now preserved for posterity by the National Trust. The rings have not been disturbed for ages, presumably since the Durotriges tribe dug them out, and is home to a variety of plants.

Common Spotted Orchid was everywhere in good numbers. Scattered amongst them, particularly on the southern sides, were Greater Butterfly Orchid. There were a few Bee Orchids showing too, a gorgeous deep pink.

Badbury rings wouldn't be famous for orchids if it were just these three orchids, and I think I found a Fragrant Orchid but it is just coming into bloom so a little early. The Frog Orchids I didn't find, but then neither did Aidan

2 Cuckoos flew past, and a Corn Bunting sang from the perimeter fence. A Small Blue and some Common Blues were amongst the butterflies seen.

I think those long spurs indicate Fragrant Orchid?

Left at 6pm with a really nice clear relaxed run up the M3 and M25 with some of the finest jazz-rock to have come out of the Netherlands in the first half of the 1970's on the player. Here's a sample.

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