Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trims Green

A hobby was hunting over central Sawbo today as I did the 3:15 school run. Suitable inspired, I went up to Trims Green from 4-5

About 90% of the birds here are either Wood Pigeons or Collared Doves. A tree by Morris's Farm was heaving with the later.

Once again I failed to see the Osprey. A Sparrowhawk female chased a Grey Partridge, and then came close by before hiding in a tree.

Three Lapwings flew past in the distance, but there was no sign of the Goldies Graeme had here recently. I moved on to the field by Tharbies Farm, and eventually teased 4 Meadow Pipits out of it. Round to Blount's Farm for a few Linnets, then completed the circuit back to the field by tharbies and found a covey of 9 Red-Legged Partridge, with just a couple of young.

When the wind is in the east, Airplanes landing at Stansted come in from the south west. As all Flight-Simulator owners know, they hit the beacon at Gilston, and come in over Trims Green. Here's a regular visitor.

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