Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr Angry’s back

I Remembered why I don’t like twitching today.

I mean, when there’s twenty or so birders in a line resting against the sea wall at Rainham waiting for a couple of hours for a Wryneck to appear, and the folks at one end of the line see it, you’d think some kind of information might flow to the other end. Just a hand pointing, a look, or “it’s out”.

But no. By the time we finally enquired if they’d seen anything it was “oh yes it was out on that Cow Parsley half way up. It’s gone now. Would you like to see my photo?” No, I’d like to stick your camera up your backside.

I didn’t say that of course, I admired the excellent photo, and instantly opened a new list, of birds that others have photographed whilst I missed it. #1. Wryneck.

I suppose its just me, and I’m being unreasonable. Luckily, I’d had a twenty minute spell with D#1 when we had admired Whinchat , hunting Hobby,and some nice Wigeon and Teal on the Thames, and had spent some more time with the family at the at the brand new play area and scoffing some cake, and had notched up a distant Sparrowhawk, but all the same, I think I’m better off not going twitching.

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