Friday, July 13, 2007

Needs Must – Lodmoor 12th July

In an ideal world, as soon as a decent bird popped up in Weymouth area on Birdguides I would be down to see it. So far this month I’d have a good chance of Squacco Heron, Storm Petrel, and Roseate Tern. In reality chances to come down midweek for extended birdwatching are few and far between, and the visit this Thursday and Friday was arranged long in advance.

I turned up at Lodmoor from 10-12. I spent ages going through the Terns, didn’t get the Roseate but did find the Arctic Tern. It’s an embarrassingly long time since I’ve seen one, and I spent a bit of time making sure – but the give away for me was that if the legs had been any shorter it would have been sat down. Here’s a high-mag join-the-dots version.

Otherwise, autumn has kicked off. about 10 Black-Tailed Godwits in fantastic summer plumage, a Common Sandpiper, an adult and juvenile Little-Ringed Plover, a couple of Lapwings. Juvenile Shelducks, BH Gulls, Oyk, and post-dispersal congregation of Little Egrets and BH Gulls.

I visited Radipole, Portland and Ferrybridge later in the day. I’ll do those in a separate blog entry. Don’t hold your breath.

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