Friday, July 06, 2007


Yes there was an entry here on Weedon's World of Nature, but he's removed the entry to which I referred so I've removed my entry.

Meanwhile ...

I grew up in a village just north of Leeds. One day whilst in my teens my neighbour told me he'd seen Red-Kites over the house. This was clearly wrong as the nearest Red Kites were a couple of hundred miles away in a valley in Wales. He meant Swifts.

Thirty years later, I was sat in the conservatory of my Mum's house on the same road, and a Red Kite drifted slowly over the garden. There are a number of Red Kites that live locally, all from the Harewood Estate re-introduction scheme or descendants of. They are frequently seen, and its worth noting that this one was several hundred yards away from the nearest field.

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