Saturday, July 28, 2007


I'm back working again, this time in central London. Not much to report, except a Peregrine slipped past the Old Bailey, then past St Paul's and off towards Tate Modern which I'm, guessing is its home.

So a wrap up of Weymouth.

1. Returning from Portland to Weymouth along the Fleet road I found myself wondering why I was looking at two crows, and then realised its because they were Peregrine falcons!

2. Ferrybridge had a couple of Dunlins and a coupled of Sanderlings. Have the Sanderlings been here all summer?

3. Back at Lodmoor the following day. More of everything but still no Roseate Terns. The Blackwits were givng terrific views close up - of course I had no camera. A local was trying to sex them and was concluding that they were all males. the logic would be: Males mate and push off mid July. The females incubate and push off early August. The juveniles come through in September. Anyone know if this makes sense?

4. I went to Badbury Rings. Aidan Brown has reported from Badbury Rings on a number of occasions with terrific close-ups of orchids and butterflies. The rings are not particularly extensive in area, so surely even I could clean up here.

No need to fill in the details. It was wet underfoot, the wind blew, I saw two species of orchid. Yes, two. I saw a few Fritillary butterflies, but they whizzed off before I could get a photo. I did get a photo of a Marbled White, but that's because it was dead.

August should have a few more opportunities.

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