Saturday, January 10, 2009

Herts Twitching

A Great Grey Shrike has turned up in Cuffley. Its half an hour away, so with D#4's football being cancelled due to a frozen pitch I sneaked off to see it.

As this was the first Saturday it was available the twitch was well attended. The bird has taken up residence in some bushes and trees round the railway embankment, and didn't show particularly well when I was there. Nevertheless we got some reasonable views, and had the usual pleasant birding chat with the assembled locals.

It was too far away for a photo, unlike a Little Owl on my way back. One flew into a tree at High Wych as I was driving past, so I quickly pulled in to the school entrance opposite, grabbed the camera and clicked away. I crossed the road to get closer but it disappeared. The habitat is ideal for Little Owl, so I may be back to look again at a later date.

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