Sunday, January 11, 2009

Frozen Out

Took my first walk of the year round SLRS and South Sawbridgeworth today. The scrape and much of the river were frozen solid, and the ground was frozen underfoot too. I got the impression the birds are suffering. there were no large flocks of any birds; I saw two flocks of Long-tailed tits but they mustered only 7 birds between them, and the flock of 50 mixed buntings and finches at Feakes Lock pre-Christmas has shrunk to a handful of birds. The only large total was a record number of Cormorants (10) which I assume is because they are having trouble finding open water elsewhere.

Ten - a record.

The full total, for posterity.

Cormorant 10 in a couple of trees in Pishiobury Park
Mute swan 2ad 1 juv by Sheering Lock
Mallard 5N, 2 on river
Kestrel 1
Moorhen 4
Lapwing 3SE over
BHG c30
Common Gull 1 juv
LBBG 1 ad
Stock Dove 1
Wood Pigeon c100 in total
Collared Dove 3
Green Wood 1h
Wren 2
Dunock 6
Robin 1
Blackbird 6
Fieldfare 7
Song thrush 4
Miste thrush 1
Goldcrest 3
LT Tit 7
Blue tit 8
Great tit 5
Magpie 8
Jackdaw 7
Crow 5
Starling 1
Chaffinch 6
Greenfinch 3
Goldfinch 4
Bullfinch 6
Yellowhammer 5

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TomSlee said...

The bridge is a lovely photo.