Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scores on the doors

Well the weather unfolded as the Met office predicted, and as expected a flurry of seasonal migrants appeared; within a 50 mile radius of East Herts there were Stone Curlew, White-Winged Black Tern, Ortolan, plus various other seasonal migrants. Not to be outdone seabirds turned up too; Sabine's Gull, Pomarine Skua, and Sooty Shearwater all turned up in the Thames estaury.

But what about a 1-mile radius? I popped out this evening to SLRS to give it one last chase. And ... nothing. Just 25 Moorhens, 10 Magpies, and a Lapwing. I gave the surrounding hedgerows a going over, and finally connected with a Spotted Flycatcher, and a pair of Blackcaps were in the same bush. The male had his crest erected like a Goldcrest - I hadn't realised they did that.

So a bit of a wash-out in. I think the water level is now just too low to attract waders. I guess we need to wait for winter to fill the pond again.

Perhaps the most interesting part is yet to come. The easterly winds persist into tomorrow when they are met by colder weather form the west. The ensuing storms may force down some interesting birds.

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