Sunday, June 22, 2008

local orchids

What with weather, work, etc. Its been a matter of sneaking out for a few quick visits. Today was typical; the boys were doing their Sunday morning cricket, so Kevin and I sneaked off to snap some local orchids, at local wildlife hot-spot the Harlow M11 roundabout. We saw the two species we were looking for, much to the consternation of motorists stopped at the adjacent traffic lights.

Just time for a coffee at the sign of the golden arches, then back to find out how the next generation of Ian Bothams are developing under the guidance of our own International Superstar.


tom s. said...

So Dipper #2 is a lefty. I'd forgotten that.

DorsetDipper said...

yes. He's the new Brian Lara.

Have you ever tried to get left-handed batting gloves?