Sunday, June 08, 2008


It probably isn't a good idea for someone who suffers from Hay Fever and who hasn't yet taken any anti-histamines this summer to go for a walk round a reserve packed with head-high pollen generators. I went round Sawbridgeworth Marsh, and was suffering by the time I got back. I took the camera and clicked away like a madman, and on the Monkeys-Typewriters Principle got a few decent pictures after suitable cropping.

No Icterine Warblers or any other Eastern rarities, just local stuff like Bullfinch, Whitethroat, Wren, Kestrel, and the birds below:

A Reed Warbler that on close inspection had just caught lunch; then Reed Bunting (lots out singing today - made them easy to photo as they seemed eager to compete with their neighbours), Blue Tit and a distant Common Buzzard

Some non birds: one of those Marsh Orchids, a bug, and I think I'm on reasonably solid ground saying the last photo is of a horse.

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