Saturday, April 05, 2008

My first binoculars

When I first went out bird watching in my pre and early teens, I went bird watching with this pair of field-glasses.

According to family legend, these were found by my Grandfather in WWI. He was short-sighted, so when he joined up in 1916 he was assigned to the Donkeys, and his job was to take water to the front. As soon as the shelling started he headed back to the rear - the Donkeys weren’t keen on the noise apparently. Anyway, in some point in the toing and froing that happened he was going over land that had previously been occupied by the Germans, and picked up these field glasses- manufacured by Carl Zeiss no less.

Compared to modern binoculars they are awful. Limited field of view, and separate focussing - it’s a miracle I saw anything at all.

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