Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend birding 5-6 April

Back to the usual routine. Saturday morning was at SLRS with Kevin. In the week away winter has turned to spring, and there were 8 Swallows and 7 Sand Martins going through the scrape area in total. Also round the scrape still a few Gadwall and Mallards. Elsewhere, suddenly birds like Wren and Robin seem really plentiful as they chase each other round their territories. There were more signs of summer with a total of 4 singing Chiffchaffs and a male Blackcap by the allotments. We were determined to find something else as the day seemed so promising, and by sheer force of will managed to conjure up a cracking male Wheatear in the southern-most ploughed field by Feakes Lock - a patch tick for me.

Then Sunday afternoon round Hatfield Forest Lake with D#1 and D#3. the snow of the morning had all melted, and there were just a few flurries.

As soon as I got out the car I noticed a large raptor high up going N. Dark, with longish narrow tail, big broad wings, I entertained thoughts of a Marsh Harrier. I looked away briefly, and when I looked back my Marsh Harrier had morphed into a circling Common Buzzard. Oh well.

Elsewhere, on the lake: 1 each of Swallow, Sand Martin, House Martin. 6 GCG, 1 Cormorant, 1 Grey Heron, a few Gadwall, Mallard, Tufted Duck but numbers low compared to mid-winter. Another Common Buzzard low over the lake area.

Finally on the way out 4 Jay, 1 GSW and c30 Chaffinch all viewable close up from the car, and just south of the Forest c50 Fieldfare.

finally some year-list totals:
total - 121
Sawbo area - 76
SLRS - 58

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