Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tetrad Count Allen's Green

After a rare night out – a friend’s Stag evening in central London - I felt the need to blow away the cobwebs this morning, so I took the opportunity to do the Feb count for one of my tetrads. I took the same route as last time but in reverse. In the (slightly over) two hours I clocked up 29 species (same number as before), in generally greater numbers as many species are now singing or disputing territory. There was no sign of the Golden Plover seen here last weekend.

The birds are listed below in order of quantity. Species seen this time but not last time in bold.

Wood Pigeon c 300
Fieldfare c 100
Redwing c40 i in a completely separate flock to the Fieldfares
Rook c30 - at the rookery in Allen's Green
Chaffinch 25
Blackbird 24
Great Tit 16
House Sparrow 15
Skylark 15
Starling 10
Goldfinch 9
Carrion Crow 9
Blue Tit 9
Dunnock 7
Long-Tailed Tit 7
Greenfinch 7
Robin 6
Yellowhammer 6
Collared Dove 5
Magpie 5
Stock Dove 4
Song Thrush 3
Kestrel 2
Great-Spotted Woodpecker 2
Moorhen 2
Jay 2
Mistle Thrush 2
Goldcrest 1
Common Buzzard 1

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