Wednesday, February 13, 2008

12 Feb Hatfield Forest

Took a morning walk through West Wood and up the W side of Hatfield Forest. The bright sun and the fact that many birds are claiming territories made it ideal for photography, but I’d taken my telescope instead for scanning distant tree lines. I didn’t use it and the strap broke. Oh well.

Birds were disappointing in variety. In West wood Chaffinch numbered 50+ in West wood, but I could get nothing else with them. Redwings were making a loud noise too, and then Mistle Thrush – two fighting – masses of Blue Tits, Great Tits, some Long-Tailed Tits, a vocal pair of GSW, a Wren, a Nuthatch calling, and outside the wood masses of Jackdaws and Wood Pigeons.

The highlights were a couple of small groups of Fallow Deer. Outside the woods they run when they see you, but here they stop and stare. There were a couple of bucks with fine antlers, a spotted doe, and various others whose age and sex I cannot identify. Also, masses of Grey Squirrel.

Back in Hatfield Forest more of the same. Two pairs of GSW, one drumming, another Nuthatch. A Jay, a Marsh Tit and Goldfinchs around. So some nice views, but hard work for not much of a list.

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