Monday, January 28, 2008

SLRS again

Went for a post-lunch walk with Mrs D down the Stort to SLRS, then back up through the fields to Bonk's Hill then home.

Highlight was 2 male Shovelers on the open water, a first for me and the site. One was slightly scruffy on the flanks - a 1st year? The second was pristine, but spent the whole time with head erect looking at us, obviously spooked, and it was no surprise when they eventually flew off.

The other notable was a flock of 34 Stock Doves flying around - the same flock that has been seen roosting just north of Sawbo presumably.

The Little Gull was seen here yesterday, and what is almost certainly the same one at Amwell in the roost tonight, so there's still a chance its around.

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