Sunday, November 11, 2007

A new bird for the tetrad

Did the second of my tetrads to day. With the wind keeping the birds down, and myself unfamiliar with much of the tetrad, I only managed about half of it. Nevertheless I found myself in some out of the way corners of rural Hertfordshire with some surprising bits of woodland, orchards, and ponds.

Highlights were: at the golf club, Nuthatch, Linnet, Goldcrest, Skylark, GSW, Kestrel, Bullfinch, Song Thrush. A farm in the middle of the tetrad; GSW, Heron, Bullfinch, Jay, some sparkling Fieldfares and Redwings, Siskin, and then a Common Buzzard heading north along a hedgerow.

Finally back along the road from Gilston to High Wych two more (and different) Common Buzzards. That’s three in an area where the last time this area was surveyed, there were none.

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