Sunday, November 04, 2007

BTO Survey - Sat 2nd

Did my first ever BTO survey west of Allen’s Green. Main sightings were masses of Fieldfares – estimate c180 in total, the most numerous bird. Otherwise 5 Jays, a few Siskins and Yellowhammers; 29 species in total. There were 2 hares as well. It felt great to be doing something that will, even in just a small way, contribute to what will be a significant piece of scientific work.

Allen’s Green Wood is a Pheasant-rearing base, and there was a shoot going on in the fields outside. Having observed the shoot, I now realise that the bin plonked in the middle of the field in which SLRS sits is not for dog-waste but for spent shotgun cartidges.

In the late afternoon went to SLRS. Highlight was a Water Rail. The Water Rail is a speciality of the Stort valley due to the many boggy places down its length. I know just one is poor compared to the 9+ north of Sawbridgeworth, but this was out in the open for ages on the SE corner. Otherwise some Siskins in the birches by the marina and some Chaffinches, Goldfinches, Green Woodpecker, GSW, c30 Starlings.

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