Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weymouth Summary

Lodmoor: 5th 7:30 pm. 8th 8 am. 11th 8 am. Radipole 8th 5pm. Ferrybridge 5th 7:30 am. Maiden Castle 10th, Portland Bill 10th. Weather bright, hot, sunny all week. Usually clear blue skies. At last!

Cormorant. 1 immature at Radipole had clearly a fish which was still a visible bulge in its throat. It kept drinking water and standing on an emerged rock and stretching. Eventually it had had enough and barfed up the fish, which presumably swam off to count its blessings. I’d brought my camera but not my brains so missed the shot.
Little Egret a flock of 9 at Radipole, plus other isingles.
Grey Heron. Some of this year’s offspring were in evidence.
Knot. 1 beautiful moulting adult at Lodmoor on 8th. My first at Lodmoor?
Oystercatcher. 2 ad and 1 juv at Lodmoor. One ad had muddy legs and beak from constantly finding worms, running the gauntlet of harassing BH Gulls, and presenting them to the juv to eat, which gulped them down then requested more. So it’s not just me that has a life like that then.
Black-Tailed Godwit c10
Redshank 2 Lodmoor
Wood Sandpiper, 2 at Lodmoor on 11th. As always, beautifully elegant birds that look like they should be somewhere a lot smarter than a grubby puddle.
Common Sandpiper 2-3 at Lodmoor
Sanderling 2 at Ferrybridge
Curlew 1 at Ferrybridge.
Snipe 1 at Ldmoor 11th.
Black-Headed Gull c200 at Lodmoor, including
Mediterranean Gull. At Lodmoor, 3 on 5th (2 1st winter + 1 juv), 1 on 8th (1 ad/3rd summer?), 0 on 11th, probably due to lack of interest. Searching for Med Gulls is one of those things that starts off as “I’ll have a quick look and see if I spot one”, and ends up on the 10th sweep going “come on you b******, I know you’re there, give yourself up!”
Common Tern. C10 left at Lodmoor, with most juvs flying.
Sparrowhawk 1 f at Lodmoor on 5th
Kestrel. 1 at Lodmoor 5th, 1 at Maiden Castle.
Peregrine. The waders at Ferrybridge are used to disturbances, so when every bird on the south side headed off east like their lives depended on it, a raptor was clearly around. A minute later, a huge brown Peregrine came through like a rocket.
Yellow Wagtail 2 at Lodmoor on 11th
Pied Wagtail c20 Lodmoor.
Wheatear 3 at Maiden Castle.
Stonechat. 1 at Maiden Castle.
Skylark 2 at Maiden Castle.
Hirundines. Good numbers of Swallows and House Martins throughout.

Finally, D#2 looked up from taking guard at Portland Bill expecting his father to be preparing to bowl at him, only to see me running madly after a butterfly. It was big, like a Painted Lady yet not a Painted Lady. Given there have been a few sightings of Large Tortoiseshell, this is one that got away.

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