Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ferrybridge 22 Aug

Couple of hours this morning. Lodmoor or Ferrybridge? In fact I could have gone anywhere today - even Radipole - and seen decent birds. I stuck the weather map for the 22nd up as a reminder; if I see this again at this time of year, get out birdwatching.

Ferrybridge won, and I was rewarded with a couple of Avocets drifting east over the back of the Chesil Beach, 3 Sanderling and the usual suspects on the beach, and a juv Black Tern in Portland harbour, with obvious movement around (Wheatear at Small Mouth, for instance).

But I felt strangely unexcited by it all. Probably because the Avocets were pointed out to me (I spent some time wondering if they weren't Gannets - no really - but wiser heads than me were satisfied), and the Black Tern likewise. I guess everyone goes birdwatching for different reasons, but for me the adrenalin of the moment of discovery, the uncertainty, and the challenge of identification is a big reason, and when everything is pointed out it loses a bit of the fun.

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