Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mr Grumpy

Imagine going to the cinema, asking what was on, being told "Superman 3", saying "okay I';ll see that", and being told "err ... sorry that was last week".

Well I took the tribe to Rainham for lunch and, with luck, some birds. I asked at the entrance what was around and was told "Spoonbill, Marsh warbler, Garganey". Marsh Warbler!! I hadn't heard of that for a few days, so where is it? "It's down the board walk but hasn't been seen for a few days." Ahh ....

Now for the list? 2 Cornish Pasties, Vegetable Pasty, Baked Potato, Tuna Panini. Excellent value. And a Spoonbill (it could of been a stuffed head on a stick for all we could see of it), and a hobby.

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