Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rainham Marsh

Some business in Canary Wharf on Sunday meant I could pop in to Rainham Marsh RSPB for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I got to walk the full circuit round the RSPB bit but didn’t get further west to the Tip/Barges/Tilda Rice area. I managed some Pintail – a while since I’ve seen them – and c10 Golden Plover. Otherwise lots of Wigeon, Shoveler, Teal, Gadwall, Lapwing, Black-Tailed Godwit and various Gulls. It would have been nice if the Penduline Tit that popped up this morning had miraculously appeared in front of me at some point, but the God Of Birdwatching gives such treats as rewards for persistence and patience. Not possessing these qualities I had to make do with the above.

The reserve is still work in progress, and there are some remains of the former use as a firing range. It would be nice if they kept them around.

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