Friday, May 26, 2017

Chiltern Orchid Safari part I - Homefield Wood.

With Summer arriving in a rush and migration fizzling out attention turned to a day in the Chilterns visiting some will known orchid spots. Setting off round the M25 post-rush hour with David for company and photographic expertise we first went to Homefield Wood near Marlow.

The Military Orchids were looking in terrific condition in the famed meadow with lots of heads. I'd been here about 20 years ago and seen one of the two spikes, so to come back and see so many heads was quite something.

Also here a couple of Greater Butterfly orchids in suitable deer-proof cages. We met another wildlife enthusiast and asked about Fly Orchids and were directed up into the adjacent woodland where we found a few spikes. My photo doesn't do justice partly because it was quite dark so the exposure time has magnified my camera shake. also here were White Helleborine, lurking under a metal sheet a couple of Slow Worms, and unexpectedly near the entrance two juvenile Ravens giving unfamiliar high-pitched gronks whenever one of the many kites came too close.

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