Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring arrives on the patch

Today was undeniably Spring. Not in the birds - a chiffchaff singing was not the first of the spring, and there was nothing particularly Spring about the unusually showy Little Owl, the Kingfisher, the three pairs of Shoveler on the pond, but the two singing Cetti's Warblers including one actually seen well were signs of Spring, as was a pair of Canada Geese in a field.

It was the number of insects that really signalled spring. A brief sight of what I am sure was a Tawny Mining Bee, a Brimstone Butterfly, a Peacock butterfly, and a comma, and around 10 different bumble bees which as far as I could see were all Buff-Tailed Bees. Some hoverflies hovering, and then finally a buzzing hawthorn tree turned out to be alive with Honey Bees. It's all happening on the patch!

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