Sunday, April 10, 2016

Patch with camera

Took the Canon EOS30D with 100-400mm lens with the non-functioning auto focus out along the patch. Here it is, with no editing. Apart from Cropping. And one where I turned the light up.

Muntjac by the overgrown field, and a Green woodpecker in its traditional spot.
non-singing Blackcap in Nursery wood
First Comma of the year
Moorhen on the river
One of two Sparrowhawks over the patch today
25 Linnets today + 5 Redpolls. this the only tone that stayed for photos.
The pond from the river. A pair of shovelers luck under a bush.

If you catch the Stansted Express you go past my patch.
spooked male Pheasant.
Goldcrest. Would be a lot better but for the irritating twig.
Horse adds Little Egret to field list. Little Egret adds chestnut horse to field list.
patch gold. first house sparrow of the year in the overgrown field region.
Goldfinch posing.

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