Monday, May 21, 2012

Not much around

Morning visit to Lodmoor. Overcast, drizzle, and no obvious migrants. I lined up to next to a fellow birder in the bandstand and casually mentioned that there wasn't much around. "Not Much Around !?!". Oh God I've just inadvertently hit his pet subject. "Well there's three Marsh Harriers up over the back" yes there was - my mistake not looking - "and large numbers of hirundines out there" yes I'd spotted those; some nice Sand Martins and Swallows resting on brambles, and masses of Swifts. "And there's a beautiful summer plumage Great Northern Diver in the bay. Seems to me there's quite a lot around!" I took my queue and went off to the bay. There was indeed a glorious Great Northern Diver relaxing in the bay, and 4 Common Scoter in the bay too, one male and three females.

So that was me told. Always something to see. Even so, a Whimbrel, or a Whinchat, would have been nice.

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