Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hobbies at home

Its 6:15 and I'm walking up the road to the house and there's this screeching that's probably falcons but is so incessant it may be a car alarm. So I stop and have a look around and over the house they come, 4 hobbies. I dash inside, get my camera plus lens, and take some photos. Modern photography is easy with only a couple of things that can go wrong, but under pressure I do indeed get them wrong, and before I can correct them the party is off east over the village. I phone Kevin who lives a quarter of a mile away, and by chance he is standing outside his door key in hand, and he looks up and yes there they are, hobbies, heading for the river.

Here's all I could salvage

Edit 10 Sept
. Standing on Sawbridgeworth Station platform at 6:50 a.m. and there's a familiar screeching from behind me. The hobbies had roosted in the Poplars near the Station (which is right by the river).


tom s. said...

What a pair of bird-nerds.

DorsetDipper said...

don't critise what you don't understand

tom s. said...

Guilty as charged, but I do enjoy twitching vicariously via the blog. And you have to admit the image of urgent cross-town phone calls on the way home is pretty funny to an outsider.

Anonymous said...

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