Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rye Meads

I don't normally go to Rye Meads as it seems like going to the Zoo, peering through the hides at the exhibits, but the pull of Garganey and Ruff, both birds I've missed so far this year, was too much. So on the way back from the local Mecca that is the Harlow Retail park I popped into the Reserve.

I got Ruff, Green Sandpiper, and finally was put onto the Garganey by the chap next to me who seemed to recognise it when it was in the posture above.


laurence.d said...

Nice to see spotted fly in the local area ,hope the juv is a result of breeding in the park,it,s a nice place but always so busy with dog walkers !

DorsetDipper said...

thanks Laurence - there have been sightings over a period so its quite likely they have bred localy here or near here.

There are lots of dog walkers there, and one extra after we got one a few weeks ago. I don't think its an issue for birds in the Park as the birds are mainly hedge and tree dwelling.

laurence.d said...

Hi John

LOL,hope you didnt think my comment was aimed specifically at dog walkers,it is a park after all ! I just dont enjoy busy places and feel that the disturbance COULD discourage the odd more unusual sighting,how long would that ring ouzel stay around when rover comes bounding over the horizon ?,I could try getting up at 4am....Perhaps I,m not cut out for hardcore patching!