Monday, June 15, 2009

Double Dutch

there's a pair of Baillon's Crake's nesting in the Netherlands. I came across a link to a site with some excellent pictures and this text.

"Al de hele week wordt een paartje Kleinst Waterhoen gezien in De Groene Jonker, Hogenveen, Zuid-Holland. Dit zeldzame ralletje dat zich normaal gesproken niet laat zien pakt het hier anders aan. Voor de ogen van vele vogelaars gaat het gewoon zijn gang. Echt een aanrader.

so I did the obvious and put it through BabelFish ...

"All the complete week a paartje smallest moorhen is seen in the green nobleman, Hogenveen, Zuid-Holland. This rare ralletje that spoken normally does not leave itself see it catches to this differently. For the eyes of a lot of bird arse ordinary its pace goes. Really a must."

so that's sorted ...


tom s. said...

Google translate says this:

"All throughout the week, a pair Smallest Water Hoen seen in Green Jonker, Hogeveen, South Holland. This rare ralletje that do not normally show tackles this differently. For the eyes of many bird is just his way. Really a must."

Surely "For the eyes of a lot of bird arse ordinary its pace goes." is a quote from Joyce.

laurence.d said...

I think "a lot of bird arse" says it all realy.

liz said...

Have you had an increase in traffic to your blog arising from Google searches containing the words 'arse' and 'bird'?