Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Blackwits at SLRS

You would have thought that counting birds the size of a small chicken on a puddle the size of a football pitch would be one of the easier task of birdwatching. However, today it wasn't. I spotted the first Black-tailed Godwit no problem, but then Mike turned up doing his daily count and commented that there were two here. I had to go, but before I left I thought I saw an extra beak peak out from a clump, so sneaked off round the corner to get a better view, and lo there were a total of three of Iceland's finest paddling round the pond. Otherwise, in the brief period of time available, I noted more Sand Martins than previously, and a couple of Yellow Wagtails flying round the corn field.

We are entering one of my favourite times. It is as though after weeks of quiet, the world has burst and family parties of birds are pouring out. The chattering, squawking, and bickering of birds is everywhere.

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