Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sawbo - Old Harlow

Well nearly as far as Old Harlow. I walked down the Stort until I could see The Palace. It was clearly quieter than visits last month; flitting birds were no longer warblers but Dunnocks instead, and there were a few other absences; mainly Blackbirds - where are they?.

SLRS was full after recent rains,

A Grey Heron at the top of a tall tree - why? Cormorant 3 imm in the Cormorant Tree, appropriately. Mute Swan 3 adults flew over - again why 3? Mallard 10 in total inc 2 at the flash. Snipe 8. 4 at the S end, and 4 on the grass at the top. Lapwing 25 over, 2 on the flash. BH Gull c30 on the flash. GSW at least 3. Skylark a few singles over calling. Meadow Pipit 3 by the flash then later flying round. Chaffinch c20, Goldfinch 15, Greenfinch c10, Siskin 1 over calling, Bullfinch 2, Grey Wagtail 1, Redwing a few flying around but unsatisfactory views. Mistle Thrush 2, Carrion Crow a few, Jay 1, Yellowhammer 1 over.

And in the afternoon, Shaggy Ink Cap in the Garden. My guide says its edible. After you!

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darrell j prest said...

not as tasty as 'supermarket' mushrooms