Sunday, March 18, 2007

Radipole - family visit

Saturday was glorious. We got down to Weymouth at mid-day, and after some beach/café/shop things finally got round Radipole at 4pmish. We didn’t get to the North Hide with its Marsh Harrier, but we did see a Chiffchaff, a Cetti’s Warbler, and a few if the usual suspects on the water. We saw what looked like a Roach. Well we saw most of it anyway.

I’m really enjoying the new camera and 100mm - 400mm IS lens. I’m still learning on the contrast and focussing stuff, but I’m amazed at how easy getting good-ish pictures is. Also, I find I’m looking for the picture, so I tend to be getting better views of birds than if I was just ticking them off the list and moving on. Here are a few samples.

By the time we finished the loop little legs had got tired and needed picking up, so I gave the camera to D#1 to look after, with the inevitable result below.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures - especially the swan one. Any chance of posting them in a bigger format somewhere?

And I like the bottom picture too. There's something a little melancholy about a photograph of people looking away. What were you looking at?

DorsetDipper said...

I think we were just looking at some of the gulls on the water. well I was anyway. I'll look into posting bigger formats, but I'm still quite amazed that I can post anything worthwhile at all.

Clive Nutton said...

Good work DD. I've just splashed out on some dSLR kit too but not got anything like your shots.

Crazy to think of butterflies being so active. 'snot been much of a winter.