Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hatfield Forest

Hatfield Forest with new camera. First an appointment with a local favourite that has eluded me so far this winter and an old camera. The female Scaup was on Hatfield Forest Lake, together with a Shelduck, several Gadwall, Teal, a couple of Pochard, 4 Greylag Geese, 2 GC Grebes and the usual Canadas. A Kingfisher flew past, 2 Cormorants sat in a tree, and the usual woodland birds were in evidence.

I got a photo through my Kowa scope with the Samsung camera and a contraption, but the results are beginning to speak for themselves. I’m reluctant to criticise the set-up, and in someone else’s hands it may produce better results. Below, the best of a bad bunch, is the Scaup in classic pose. Note the diagnostic white face patch!

I intend to get a lens shortly to enable some decent bird pics on the new camera, but until then will be attempting to get to grips with the myriad controls and options on the basic camera/lens combination. We (self and D#1) found a dead tree and took pictures of some of the funghi on the branches. One of these funghi is called (I think) King Alfred’s Cakes. It’s a great name and you’ll have no problems working out which it is.


a northumbrian said...

nice blog, dorset's one of my favorite counties.
what size is your scope,i'm thinking of digi scoping.

DorsetDipper said...

I've got a Kowa - its a TSN 820 I think (no flourite), 45 degree angle wide-angle 30x eyepiece. I got a kit which is actually designed for an Opticron; it only gives a picture at the highest mag, and then has quite a lot of colour fringes.

I'm neither technical nor patient so I'm reluctant to criticise my set-up. I think with time and patience and some post-processing it may be possible to get good pictures. I'm going down the Canon DLSR route instead now and intend to get a 100-400 zoom lens and 1.4x converter, which with camera is £2K plus by the time I've finished!

the link to the Opticron/Samsung set up is

thanks for reading the blog and good luck with the digiscoping.